Fintan Magee mural in Buenos Aires

Fintan Magee finished his fourth and last mural during his stay in Buenos Aires a couple of days ago. The artwork is called “The Displaced” and covers the facade of a four-storey building in Saavedra and was organised by Buenos Aires Street Art..

buenos aires graffiti tour fintan magee street art mural australia argentina organised by BA Street Art murales

Fintan Magee new mural in Saavedra, Buenos Aires

buenos aires street art tour finta magee mural artist

Fintan Magee painted four murals in Buenos Aires with the help of Buenos Aires Street Art during his stay in Argentina

The artwork also relates to the floods in Buenos Aires in April 2013 and took Fintan two and a half days to complete.  The Australian street artist is now back in his home city of Brisbane.

fintan magee graffiti street artist mural buenos aires


buenos aires mural fintan magee artista argentina graffiti australia

fintan magee mural buenos aires BA street art

Mural project organised and Fintan’s stay in Buenos Aires organised by Buenos Aires Street Art.

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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