Street art and graffiti at IBUg festival in Zwickau, Germany

More than 100 artists took part in the IBUg Urban Culture Festivalin Zwickau, Germany. BA Street Art was there and we photographed some of the great new artworks inside and outside an abandoned iron factory. Street artists from Argentina at IBUg , Mexico, the USA and China were also taking part.

loomit graffiti germany artist ibug 2013 zwickauGerman graffiti artist Loomit at IBUg 2013 in Zwickau, Germany

ibug festival germany graffiti street art arte urbano alemania

Skeptik and Skie (Farbgefühle)

samurai sword ibug festival 2013 MalwasneuesMalwasneues

5 ibug festival germanyInside job

6 Chromeo Swiss artistChameleon by Swiss artist Chromeo

7Nils Jaenisch collaborating with Loomit

el bochoEl Bocho

ibug festival 2013 zwickau germanyThousands of people attended IBUg 2013

rocksteady graffitiRocksteady

tasso graffiti germany street art alemania buenosairesstreetart.comTasso

street art germany bender mural buenosairesstreetart.comBender

Dominik Rüegg


syria war mural graffiti germany street artHNDTRX mural depicting the conflict in Syria

Kera slick

18Ilja Streichbotstreet art germany Intro Dfe TM Intro Dfe TM

IBUg graffiti festival zwickau germany

Buenos Aires Street Art and Graffiti – BA Street Art