Chichester Street Art Festival – murals around the town

Chichester Street Art festival took place a few weeks ago in England with some world famous street artists painting at numerous sites around the city. We were in the UK last week and went down there to check out the new artworks.

chichester street art tour hitnes festival graffiti urban art photos

Hitnes mural painted at Chichester Street Art Festival

Artists making interventions in the historic market town in West Sussex included Roa, Liquen, Nunca, Phlegm , Hitnes, Run, Thierry Noir, Stik, Dscreet, Cityzen Kane and The Rolling People.

nunca street artist london murals chichester street art festival fresque murais


roa street artist birds mural blue tits chichester street art festival mural

Blue Tits by Roa

Liquen street artists mural london chichester street art festival graffiti photos

Liquen at Metro House

phlegm street artist mural painting print artwork graffiti drawing street art festival chichester


chichester street art festival run street artist black and white characters graffiti paint brushes artista


christiaan nagel mushroom art artist sculptor street art festival chichester

Christiaan Nagel

thierry noir mural london chichester street art festival abstract characters berlin wall artist muralista

Thierry Noir

Cityzen Kane sculpture street art festival chichester artwork design paste up

Cityzen Kane

stik street art mural painting print london homeless chichester street art festival


roa graffiti urban art animals birds garden london chichester street art festival

Roa mural in car park behind Pallant Picture Gallery

sainsbury's chichester street art mural festival sussex nunca arte urbano street art mural horses caballos

Mural by Nunca along St Pancras Street close to Sainsbury’s

electric cinema chichester west sussex

Mural by Italian street artist Run at Old Electric Cinema

hitnes street art festival chichester buenosairesstreetart.comHitnes along North Street

The festival was organised by Street Art London and National Open Art Competition.

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

Buenos Aires Street Art and Graffiti – BA Street Art