Street art and graffiti in Dulwich, South London

Dulwich Street Art Festival took place a few weeks ago in South London with street artists painting a series of public murals around the town inspired by artworks held by Dulwich Picture Gallery.  Artists taking part included Roa, Nunca, Run, Mad C, Phelgm, Hitnes Reka, Thierry Noir, Dscreet,, Mad C, Kid Acne. and Zezao. 

dulwich street art festival nunca buenosairesstreetart.comDulwich Street Art Festival mural by Nunca

Buenos Aires Street Art was in London last week and went down to Dulwich to check out the new artworks.

roa dulwich street art festival baroque the str


Artists also painted the inside and outside of a house inside that is due to be demolished.

dulwich street art festival baroque the streets

House with interventions on the front facade by Malarky, Dscreet and Hitnes

dulwich street art festival malarky


dulwich street art festival hitnes


dulwich art street art festival


broken fingaz crew dulwich street art festival broken

Broken Fingaz Crew

baroque the streets dulwich street art festival

Designs by Run and Mushroom by Christiaan Nagel and cigarette by Kid Acne

Christiaan Nagel, Pablo Delgado and Ben Wilson also made interventions at the house. Project was organized by Street Art London with Dulwich Picture Gallery.

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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