Cowboys new street art by Gaia and Nanook

Gaia and Nanook have painted a stunning new mural in Barracas relating to the neighbourhood’s history. It features five cows, the sun and a Spanish galleon. Exclusive photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

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New mural by Nanook and Gaia in Barracas, Buenos Aires

argentine cattle mural gaia mural argentina buenos aires

Argentine cattle were shipped to Buenos Aires by the Spanish in the 18th century

Nanook explained the thinking behind the new design: “This wall is located in the Barrio Barracas, which grew in the early 18th century due to its port. One of the main imports were cattle from Spain. This area grew in the 19th century and was populated mainly by the rich until 1871 when there was a yellow fever epidemic which forced the rich to flee Barracas to the north.”

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spanish galleon mural street art urban art gaia nanook

Spanish galleon

gaia mural buenos aires nanook street art graffiti tour

Cow corner

spanish galleon mural buenos aires

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