Aerosol Street Art Festival in La Plata on Saturday

La Plata is holding it’s first street art festival this Saturday October 8th. Artists taking part in the Aerosol Festival include Lean Frizzera, Emy Mariani, Ice (below), Jaz, Malatesta, Oz Montania, Nice Naranja, Adri Peralta, Eddy Graff, Pulpo Clica, Power Graff, GMC, Pil, Nacho Vaps, 135, Nahuel Torras and Juan Marcucci.

Graffiti in La Plata by Ice

The event starts at 2pm at Camino Gral Belgrano between 514 and 516 streets (in front of Carrefour) and also includes live music, skateboarding and bmx demonstrations, food and entry is free.















For a full line up of the street artists taking part and the event programme, visit the Aerosol Festival’s Facebook page.

Buenos Aires Street Art and Graffiti – BA Street Art