Graffiti artists defy bad weather to brighten up Centro Cultural Recoleta

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Graffiti artists lifted the gloom at Centro Cultural Recoleta over the holiday weekend despite thunder, lightning and storms interrupting their work.

centro cultural recoleta ciudad emergente buenos aires arte callejero street art dame © buenosairesstreetart.comSpex appeal

centro cultural recoleta graffiti buenos aires © buenosairesstreetart.comWings: designs by Dame (above)

Dame, Ice, Die, B2 along with street artists Lean Frizzera and Emy Mariani were all taking part in Ciudad Emergente 4 – the annual arts, music and culture event in Recoleta – and helped to transform the courtyard named Patio de los Tilos.

ciudad emergente buenos aires street art buenosairestreetart.comPond life: part of mural by Ice

The foul weather made conditions difficult for all the artists but their designs were finally finished on Monday evening. “We were working for four days but we lost half of those days due to the weather,” said Emy Mariani. “On Saturday the heavens opened and there were hailstones failing. Yesterday the water was running down the wall and the lower part which we were working on was all wet so we couldn’t do anything.”

ciudad emergente lean frizzera emy mariani buenosairesstreetart.comFinish line: Lean Frizzera and Emy Mariani

“Overall we’re all really happy,” Emy added. “The event has gone really well, and there were lots of visitors and interaction with the people; and all the guys were working together, sharing ideas and having a great time. Everything was really positive and it’s great that we have so many of these types of events going on in the city.”

ciudad emergente Argentina street art Buenos Aires street art © buenosairesstreetart.comHigh as a kite: Plast painting

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Outer: B2 street art

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