This is one of several new stencils of Klaus Kinski in the movie Aguirre: The Wrath of God that have appeared in Chacarita recently. It depicts Kinski as a crazy Spanish conquistador from the Werner Herzog movie and has livened up an ugly window display at this low-budget supermarket along Avenida Cordoba.

Open day and knight

                                   Clip from the video of Aguirre, The Wrath of God

Many thanks to one of our readers who correctly identified the character in the stencil is Klaus Kinski.

La revancha: Vegetable is crime

We think the author of this graffiti is a little fed up with vegans telling him ‘meat-eaters are murderers’. And he’s inacted revenge in his own ironic way. After all Argentina is the country where meat is for men and vegetables are for wimps.

Vegan graffiti: Meat is crime

There’s certainly no shortage of vegan graffiti on the streets of Buenos Aires. Click here to see more images of vegan graffiti.

Paco is the cheap killer drug that is wrecking the lives of thousands of youngsters with an estimated 180,000 users in Argentina. Referred to as ‘the drug of the poor’ as it costs just a few pesos a hit, paco has become an epidemic that is sweeping through the slums of Buenos Aires and is now affecting the middle classes and adult population. Continue reading →