New Lali & Javier Milei mural in Chascomus, Buenos Aires

Argentine artists Rastro have painted a new mural featuring Lali and Javier Milei in Chascomus, Buenos Aires. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

Mural relating to row between Lali & Milei (photo © BA Street Art)

The mural was completed last Saturday and relates to the Twitter / X row involving Argentine pop star Lali Espósito and Milei. The Argentine president referred to the singer as “Lali Depósito’ while accusing her of receiving public money from different (Kirchnerist) local governments to put on concerts that would be better going to pay for food for children in poor provinces like Chaco, in the north of Argentina.

Lali v Milei mural painted by Rastro (photo © BA Street Art)

Milei tweeted: “For one of her concerts she was paid US$350,000. So the point is, are you ready to finance this spending against the VAT that you take away from food that goes to poor kids in Chaco?”

Artists Rastro painting details of Lali’s face & Milei (photo © BA Street Art)

Milei’s criticism of Lali came after the actress called those who “do not want to promote art” as “unpatriotic” and even changed the lyrics of some of her songs in reference to the constant comments she receives on social networks.  “That? “That I smoke, that I live, that I say, that I drink, that I live off the state,” she said during a concert she gave at Cosquín Rock festival in Córdoba.

New mural in Chascomus, Buenos Aires (photo © BA Street Art)

Milei’s government has been looking to cut public spending with Argentina having the highest inflation in the world at 211% and was trying to highlight what he sees as extravagant payments going to pop stars who openly support Cristina Kirchner’s party. Milei also retweeted a post saying: “The militant Lali Espósito was paid US$350,000 for the show, but she tells you that the state doesn’t pay her and she calls you a liar, and those who voted for Milei as betraying their country and not thinking as she does”.

Finished mural with phrase relating to Lali & freedom of expression (photo © BA Street Art)

Lali hit back saying that “His (Milei’s) speech is unjust and violent,” and invited Milei to attend one of her concerts.

Milei’s comments seem to have backfired with many important figures and women in the Argentine national media, like chat show host Mirtha Legrand, criticising him for abusing his position and making personal attacks towards Lali.

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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