Robocop street art by Dame in Buenos Aires

Dame has painted a series of characters with aerosol from the classic 80s movie Robocop in Buenos Aires.

Robocop artwork painted with spray (photo © BA Street Art)

Robocop was one of director Paul Verhoeven’s most iconic movies featuring policeman Alex Murphy who is left for dead before being turned into a crime-fighting cyborg officer who then seeks revenge on his master.

Robo Rock City (photo © BA Street Art)

Robocop painted with aerosol spray by Argentine graffiti artist Dame in the Province of Buenos Aires.

Robocop breakout (photo © BA Street Art)

The artwork by Dame features Robocop smashing through the door he is painted on.

Dame has also painted law enforcement droid ED-209 (photo © BA Street Art)

In the movie released in 1987, Murphy takes on a law enforcement droid ED-209 that Dame has also painted on this parking garage.

Rock City (photo © BA Street Art)

Law enforcement droid ED-209 breaks through the shutters on this parking garage.

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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