Mauritus street art & graffiti – the best murals around Port Louis

Port Luis, the capital of Mauritius, has undergone a lot of changes in recent years. Matt from Buenos Aires Street Art revisted the city last month and found a city full of murals.

Mural by Seth Globepainter in Port Louis (photo © BA Street Art)

Port Luis has hosted the annual Porlwi by Light Festival since 2015 to spread awareness about Mauritius’ history, heritage and culture. Urban art has also been incorporated into the cultural program with international artists invited to paint murals to help brighten up the city. French street artist Seth Globepainter created this colourful mural (above) entitled ‘Under the pavement’ that can still be seen off Cathedral Square.

Mural by Frau Isa on Royal Road (photo © BA Street Art)

Frau Isa from Vienna, Austria, created this artwork along Royal Road in 2016 for Porlwi. It features portraits of three women and relates to the diversity on the island of Mauritius.

Mural by Bault on Remy Ollier St (photo © BA Street Art)

A lot of murals are also located not far from the Central Market. French artist Bault painted these totem-like characters in 2017 for Porlwi by Nature in a parking lot on Remy Ollier Street.

Mural by Fred Boulon on Remy Ollier St (photo © BA Street Art)

Another parking lot on the same block has been decorated with a mural by French artist Fred Boulon who has painted a stag with its antlers forming a tree for Porlwi.

Mural by Andrea Wan (photo © BA Street Art)

Andrea Wan from Vancouver painted this beautiful portrait of a woman surrounded by plants and nature in 2017.

View of city of Port Louis from Fort Adelaide (photo © BA Street Art)

One of the best places to get a panoramic view of the city is from Fort Adelaide. This stone fortress was constructed on top of a hill by the British in the 1830s to defend the capital from the French. And it’s a 10 minute walk from where many of these murals were painted for Porlwi by Light Festival.

Caudan Waterfront

Caudan Waterfront is a modern development across the road from the Central Market that was built on reclaimed land with a crafts market, arts centre, clothes shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels and a casino. It’s also a good spot to check out murals.

Mural by Armand Gachet (photo © BA Street Art)

Mauritian artist Armand Gachet painted this mural featuring a boy with paintbrush on one of the walls of Caudan Arts Centre.

Caudan Waterfront (photo © BA Street Art)

Heart mural by Julia Carosin (photo © BA Street Art)

French-Mauritian artist Julia Carosin became the first woman to win the Samudra Art Prize in 2022, painting this heart mural called ‘Respire’ at Caudan Arts Centre.

Umbrella installation at Caudan Waterfront (photo © BA Street Art)

Umbrellas installations have become popular in many capital cities. This one above this pedestrian street at Caudan Waterfront is also used for breakdancing and street performances to entertain visitors. We also came across some cool umbrella art in the Karaköy neighbourhood in Istanbul. Check it out here

China Town

For the largest concentration of street art in one place head to China Town. Along Venpin Street, the shutters of the local stores, walls and even the road itself are painted. At the end of the 18th century, many Chinese from Guangzhou came to Mauritius and settled in the area. Chinese restaurants are plentiful as well as shops selling herbal medicines and products from China.

Street art on Venpin Street (photo © BA Street Art)

The road surface is adorned with a Chinese dragon.

Painted shutters in China Town (photo © BA Street Art)

A number of murals along this quiet street sometimes nicknamed ‘Manga Street’ depict animé characters from cartoons, comics and Asian popular culture.

Manga characters on Venpin Street (photo © BA Street Art)

These anime characters were painted by local artist Urmila Narsiah.

Character from Spirited Away (photo © BA Street Art)

Many of these artworks were created to celebrate the 50th bilateral anniversary between Mauritius and China with support from the New China Town Foundation.

Mural of Monkey from the TV series by artist Aurellie (photo © BA Street Art)

Mural by Meekskuma on Dr Sun Yat Sen Street (photo © BA Street Art)

Seven Wonders mural in China Town (photo © BA Street Art)

Artists Ems and Jay painted this mural entitled ‘The Seven Wonders of Friendship’ on Dr. Sen Yat Sen Street in China Town.

Kung Fu Panda mural in China Town (photo © BA Street Art)

Caged monster artwork (photo © BA Street Art)

Marine mural painted by Shelvi in 2020 also on Dr. Sun Yan Sen St

All photos by © Buenos Aires Street Art

Port Louis isn’t a huge city so you can easily check out a lot of the best street art in a couple of hours. If you have checked out any other cool murals and graffiti in Mauritius, please let us know.

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