Graffiti artists paint futuristic collaboration in Palermo

More than 10 graffiti artists teamed up to paint a cool collaboration in Palermo a few days ago. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

Graffiti collaboration featuring artworks by Cher, Mundo Rod, Rangraf, RisaArt, Terro & Sens (photo © BA Street Art)

The new collab organised by Pier in Palermo Hollywood features artworks by Cher, Ice, MTS, Mundo Rod, Pigme, Terro, Rangraf, RisaArt and Sens including cartoon characters, a robot, knights, a fantasy castle, a sports car, a volcano, fire-breathing dragons, Thor and graffiti pieces.

Knight by Mocha & artworks by Sens, Pier & Ice (photo © BA Street Art)

Cartoon characters and graffiti letters by Cher, Mundo Rod, Rangraf & Risa Art(photo © BA Street Art)

Knight Rider – character by Ran Graf, car by Risa Art, graffiti by Terro & dragon by Sens (photo © BA Street Art)

Swords and dragons – Graffiti by Pier  MTS & Pigme plus characters by Mocha & Ice (photo © BA Street Art)

Fantasy castle and sword by Ice (photo © BA Street Art)

Fire-breathing dragon painted by Sens (photo © BA Street Art)

All photos by © Buenos Aires Street Art

Buenos Aires Street Art and Graffiti – BA Street Art