Buenos Aires graffiti artists paint jungle wall in Palermo

More than 10 of the best graffiti artists in Buenos Aires teamed up last weekend to paint this cool collaboration in Palermo. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

Artwork by Byga & Ice (photo © BA Street Art)

Artists including Berko, Byga, Cher, Ice, Lion, Mas, Matiz, Mocha, MTS, Pier, Ran, Risa3, Sens, Terro and Pigme teamed up to paint a big wall in Palermo last weekend. The theme features a tropical jungle full of animals including a tiger with a giant scarab beetle, an iguana, a gorilla, a monkey, a leopard, a crocodile, a toucan, plus man-eating plants together with graffiti pieces.

Jungle scene featuring animals and graffiti letters (photo © BA Street Art)

Artwork painted by artists including Risa, Pier & Lion (photo © BA Street Art)

Realistic portrait by Risa (photo © BA Street Art)

Lion, MTS & Byga (photo © BA Street Art)

Animal and graffiti-eating plants by Cher & Sens (photo © BA Street Art)

The collaboration also includes some cool man-eating plants munching frogs and graffiti letters by Sens.

Berko, Cher, Mas, Pier, Sens, Terro & Ran  (photo © BA Street Art)

Ran, Terro, Sens & Pigme (photo © BA Street Art)

Artworks and graffiti by Pier & Matiz (© BA Street Art)

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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