New Palermo graffiti by Neat Pumac, Pigme & Pier

Neat Pumac has been in Buenos Aires and painted a new collaboratoin with Pier and Pigme in Palermo. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

Character by Neat Pumac in Palermo (photo © BA Street Art)

Graffiti writer and tattoo artist Neat Pumac teamed up with Jean Pier and Pigme to create this colourful collaboration in Palermo Hollywood a couple of weeks ago. The artwork by Neat features a pre-Columbine character.

Pier, Neat Pumac & Pigme (photo © BA Street Art)

Bonsai tree and Japanese characters painted by Pigme (photo © BA Street Art)

Wildstyle graffiti by Jean Pier (photo © BA Street Art)

Completed collaboration between Pier, Neat Pumac & Pigme (photo © BA Street Art)

You can check out the new collaboration on Gorriti y Juan B. Justo in Palermo.

Another collaboration by Neat Pumac & friends (photo © BA Street Art)

Neat Pumac also teamed up with Pigme to paint another graffiti piece with friends El Keni, D-Mian and Niko featuring an oriental dragon and characters.

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art)

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