Brazilian artists Yong and Neew in Buenos Aires

Brazilian artists Yong and Neew, have been in Buenos Aires and painted a series of artworks around the city.

street art puerto madero mural arte urbano buenos aires

Artworks by Yong and Neew in Puerto Madero

The duo from Brasilia painted some cartoon characters in Puerto Madero..

puerto madero buenos aires argentina murales distrito de arte

Yong in Puerto Madero

graffiti tour san telmo mojo yong neew buenos aires

Yong, Mojo and Neew in San Telmo

san telmo graffiti tour buenos aires argentina cartoon caracteres arte urbano

Neew and Yong in San Telmo

san telmo market defensa graffiti tour arte urbano diseño grafico san

Neew, Ritz and Yong along Defensa Street in San Telmo

cartoons street art arte callejero diseño grafico neew perla yong buenos aires

Cartoon characters painted by Neew, Yong and Perla in Chacarita

The guys also teamed up with Perla, Ran, Keso and Gade teamed to paint a new collaboration together in Chacarita.

cartoon graffiti yong brasil arte urbano grafiti

Yong and Keso

graffiti buenos aires neew keso yong perla zone arte urbano graff tatuajes

Yong, Keso, Perla, Neew

pajaro arte mural bird buenos aires ran graff tattoo tatuajes buenos aires

Ran Graff and Gade

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