Paul Mericle paints new mural in Buenos Aires

U.S street artist Paul Mericle has been staying in Buenos Aires and found time to finish this beautiful new mural called ‘El Viaje’ (“The Trip”). Mural was organised and sponsored by Buenos Aires Street Art.

paul mericle artist baltimore buenos aires BA Street Art

Paul Mericle painting in Coghlan


paste up buenos aires artist paul mericle

Mags was also helping Paul create his new artwork


paul mericle artist baltimore paste up buenos aires

Details with brush and marker pen


paul mericle mural coghlan patronicado por Buenos Aires Street Art

Details including a mouse


jellyfish stag deer statue budapest street art paul mericle

Jellyfish and deer


murales patronicados por Buenos Aires Street Art coghlan argentina artistas baltimore



baltimore artist paul mericle animal non seq mural wheat paste BA Street Art

Last touches


buenos aires murales paul mericle ba street art

‘El Viaje’


paul mericle artista baltimore buenos aires street art non seq

Paul and Mags in front of the finished mural


murales buenos aires paul mericle BA Street Art

Mural was organised and sponsored by Buenos Aires Street Art and Buenos Aires Street Art also organised Paul’s stay in Buenos Aires. Big thanks to Paul and Mags.

Check out more amazing artworks by Paul Mericle on his website and Facebook page

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