Alfredo Segatori paints Carrefour in Buenos Aires

Alfredo Segatori completed a series of 11 portraits on the front of a supermarket in Liniers, Buenos Aires.

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Artworks by Segatori featuring portraits of local people

carrefour supermarket buenos aires liniers supermercdo argentina caras

The murals measuring 6 metres in height were completed in four days by the Argentine artist and feature 11 portraits of local people including a self portrait of the artist himself and his son.

alfredo segatori mural buenos aires pelado retratos arte callejero

Portrait of Segatori (left)

murales buenos aires retratos argentinos liniers carrefour argentina

People of different ages and ethnic backgrounds

supermercado carrefour liniers buenos aires alvarez jonte arte callejero urbanopelado

11 portraits

faces portraits art street buenos aires argentina arte retratos jacaranda arbol

Liniers is know for its multi-cultural community and large Bolivian and Peruvian population

baby mural street art arte callejero argentina

Faces along Avenue Alvarez Jonte in Liniers

alfredo segatori artista argentino buenos aires theo argentina

Alfredo Segatori and his son Theo

faces places arte urbano graffiti murales liniers bs as

Photos: © BA Street Art

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