Molto Grosso new artwork in Villa Crespo

Molto Grosso have completed a new artwork in Villa Crespo on the front of El Oceanario cultural centre that features an Italian 19th century mask. 

street art villa crespo buenos aires Molto Grosso artistas

The gargoyle-like design by Molto Grosso was completed a couple of weeks ago.

baires murales arte urbano molto grosso buenos aires

Many of Molto Grosso’s designs are inspired by French and Italian sculpture, and they are best known for their paste-ups that can be found all around La Plata, Buenos Aires.

villa crespo fotos buenos aires arte callejero molto grosso BA Street Art

statue art sculpture buenos aires ba murales buenos aires

You can check out the mural at El Oceanario Cultural Club, Remedios de Escalada de San Martin 332 in Villa Crespo

arte urbano villa crespo_buenos aires murales molto grosso
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