New mural by Irene Lasivita in La Paternal

Irene Lasivita completed a new mural in La Paternal a couple of weeks ago entitled ‘The Goat and the Wolf’.

irene lavisita artist buenos aires argentina

New artwork in La Paternal (photo © BA Street Art)

The artwork painted on a street corner close to Chacarita Cemetery features a night scene with a human figure in a forest surrounded by a goat and a wolf.

arte urbano buenos aires

Integration (photo © BA Street Art)

It took the Argentine artist three weeks to complete though she wasn’t painting every day. Irene told BA Street Art that the theme is all about integration. “The wall is in front of a school so the subject is gentle,” she says, choosing to paint a goat rather than a lamb. “The mural doesn’t have too much to do with nature. Integration seems to be something we are opposed to in society. We are taught (at school) about the traditional stereotypes of the wolf and the lamb.  The two animals are opposed to each another, representing the good and the bad however the power is within us to integrate these two opposing forces to be dynamic together.”

irene lavisita artista buenos aires murales

Mural faces a school (photo © BA Street Art)

wolf street art buenos aires

Wolf (photo © BA Street Art)

arte callejero buenos aires IL

View along Segui Street (photo © BA Street Art)

IL artista argentina murales

Details (photo © BA Street Art)

Mural is located in La Paternal on corner of Segui and Av Warnes.

Photos by © Buenos Aires Street Art

You can check out more of Irene’s art at

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