Stinkfish and Mazatl mural in Buenos Aires

Stinkfish and Mazatl have been visiting Buenos Aires and teamed up last week to work on two new collaborations together. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

New mural by Stinkfish & Mazatl in Buenos Aires

Colombian painter Stinkfish and Mazatal (Mexico) were taking part in a cinema art project in the city. The above artwork was painted on the front of this old abandoned house in Monserrat. The mural looks stunning juxtaposed with the architectural details and stonework.

stinkfish buenos aires mazatl mural graffiti paste up street art

Stinkfish and Mazatl new collaboration in San Telmo

The other artwork the pair created together above a newspaper kiosk in San Telmo.

stinkfish pegatina buenos aires argentina mazatl graffiti arte callejero

Paste up

stinkfish buenos aires arte calljero street art mazatl

You can check out this artwork on the corner of Carlos Calvo and Piedras.

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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