North West Walls street art project in Belgium with Roa, Pichiavo & Martin Ron

Roa, PichiAvo, Defo, Jen Zie and Martin Ron finished new artworks at the North West Walls project on the site of the Rock Werchter music festival in Belgium. The project was curated by Belgian artist Arne Quinze setting the artists the challenge of painting three giant container towers.

North West Walls Werchter roa street art belgium

Artists including Roa, Martin Ron, Jen Zie and Defo begin work at North West Walls (photo © BA Street Art)

roa artista grafiti belgica murales animales

Roa working on one side of the container tower (photo © BA Street Art)

roa belgium street art graffiti north west walls werchter cages

Roa’s ark (photo © BA Street Art)

Roa’s intervention includes a total of 13 animals some with chains and others behind bars relating to the theme of captivity.

roa street art belgium werchter north west walls animals black white

Boxing clever (photo © BA Street Art)

roa painter belgium animals black and white artista callejero

Finished installation by Roa (photo © BA Street Art)

roa skeleton street art belgium ghent werchter graffiti

Skeleton of a goat (photo © BA Street Art)

Pichiavo artists mythology gods street art graffiti north west walls werchter achilles menelaus

Menelaus and Achilles (photo © BA Street Art)

Pichiavo from Valencia, Spain, have recreated a series of characters from the Trojan War in their typical style mixing figures from Greek mythology and old school graffiti

graffiti valencia pichiavo painting artist street art north west walls

Last few details (photo © BA Street Art)

Pichi & Avo graffiti belgium valencia street art north west walls werchter

Finished artwork by Pichiavo (photo © BA Street Art)

Martin Ron graffiti belgium avo street art belgium

Martin Ron and Avo at work (photo © BA Street Art)

Argentine street artist Martin Ron has painted a giant 3-D portrait of a forklift truck driver nicknamed ‘Blue’ who was working on the festival site.

rock werchter festival musica belgica artista martin ron mural belgium

Martin Ron and Jen Zie (photo © BA Street Art)

martin ron artista belgica arte urbano argentina

Grand scale – Martin Ron standing by his finished artwork (photo © BA Street Art)

Ron’s surreal design also depicts a huge parrot emerging from one of the containers and a monkey nut.

roa belgian artist painter murals street art graffiti

Finished installations by Roa and Martin Ron (photo © BA Street Art)

graffiti belgium defo werchter arne quinze

Defo (photo © BA Street Art)

belgium graffiti brussels werchter defo graff street art project

Belgian graffiti artist Defo at work (photo © BA Street Art)

belgium graffiti defo brussels aerosol north west walls arne quinze

Defo using aerosols to create his artwork incorporating many themes and influences from old school graffiti (photo © BA Street Art)

Defo graffiti Belgium writer rock werchter belgica

Finished artwork by Defo (photo © BA Street Art)

Jen Zie belgium tattoo artist

Belgian artist Jen Zie using an extension pole with brush (photo © BA Street Art)

death skeleton graffiti street art mural belgium jen zie

Death (photo © BA Street Art)

belgium street art jen zie rock werchter north west walls

Finished artwork by Jen Zie (photo © BA Street Art)

Matt Fox-Tucker of Buenos Aires Street Art organised a trip to Europe for Martin Ron that included a show at Mead Carney Fine Art gallery and murals in London plus participation in the North West Walls street art project.

For more information about the project curated by Arne Quinze, check out North West Walls.

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