Fintan Magee mural in Buenos Aires

Fintan Magee is in Buenos Aires and has painted a brilliant new mural in Palermo. Exclusive photos and interview with Fintan by Buenos Aires Street Art. Project organised and sponsored by Buenos Aires Street Art.

fintan magee buenos aires mural argentina organised & sponsored by BA Street Art homeless bound

Fintan Magee painting in Palermo, Buenos Aires, on Monday (day 1) (photo © BA Street Art)

The artwork he has named ‘Homeless Bound’ shows a man being burdened by the weight of a house he is carrying on his back and relates to the global housing crisis.

fintan magee street art buenos aires murales argentina bs as graffitibaires

Branching out (photo © BA Street Art)

The design on a the blocked-up house in Palermo took the Australian artist two and a half days to complete and the figure is based on a photo Fintan took of Buenos Aires Street Art founder Matt Fox-Tucker with whom he was staying with while he was in Argentina. Fintan told Buenos Aires Street Art: “The figure represents a homeless person carrying a house on his back rather like a hermit crab. Palermo is an upper-class neighbourhood and the house used to be occupied by homeless people who were then displaced and had to find a new home.”

artista fintan magee muralista arte urbano argentina buenos aires BA Street Art

Roof top (day 2) (photo © BA Street Art)

australian street artist fintan magee buenos aires mural

Brush strokes (photo © BA Street Art)

fintan magee buenos aires street art mural

Aerosol (photo © BA Street Art)

Fintan uses both paint brushes and aerosol spray to create his amazing textures.

fintan magee arte urbano callejero palermo buenos aires bs as murales tour

Final touches  (Day 3) (photo © BA Street Art)

hummingbird street art fintan magee buenos aires colibri

Humming bird (photo © BA Street Art)

fintan magee buenos aires mural graffiti

Completed mural (photo © BA Street Art)

buenos aires street art tour fintan magee housing crisis artist

“Like a hermit crab” (photo © BA Street Art)

fintan magee street artist australia brisbane interview buenos aires

Fintan Magee with his finished mural on Thursday afternoon (photo © BA Street Art)

palermo graffiti buenos aires tour buenos aires street art fintan magee

Street view (photo © BA Street Art)

Project organised and sponsored by Buenos Aires Street Art. All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

Check out more amazing artworks by Fintan Magee at

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  • sergio paredes

    Excellent artistic expression. I´d like to know the address of this graffiti. I live in Buenos Aires and would like to see it live and tell other people to visit.

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