Ernesto Sabato house and mural in Santos Lugares

The reconstruction of the house of Argentine writer Ernesto Sábato is in danger unless funds are found to restore it. The property in Santos Lugares, Buenos Aires, is in a bad state of repair and the Association of Friends of the House of Ernesto Sábato are trying to raise funds to restore the building and turn it into an open museum for the community.

sabato writer argentina house mural buenos aires el tunel buenosairesstreetart.comPortrait of Ernesto Sábato by Martin Ron and Nieves Fraga in Santos Lugares, Buenos Aires (2011)

Sábato is famous for his books such as El Túnel (The Tunnel), Sobre Héroes y Tumbas (On Heroes and Tombs) and is one of Argentina´s most loved and best known writers. In June 2011, Argentine artists Martin Ron and Nieves Fraga painted a mural in front of Sábato´s house to mark the 100th anniversary of Sábato´s birth on June 24th 1911.

ernesto sabato casa buenos aires santos lugares buenosairesstreetart.comHouse of Sábato at Langeri 3134 in Santos Lugares, Buenos Aires

ernesto sabato escritor argentino mural buenos aires santo lugares buenosairesstreetart.comMural by Martin Ron and Nieves Fraga in front of the house of Ernesto Sábato

More information about the campaign to restore the house on the website of Asociación de Amigos de la Casa de Ernesto Sábato

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