Ciudad Emergente street art by Ice and Oz

Ice and Oz finished a new mural during Ciudad Emergente at Centro Cultural Recoleta last night. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

ciudad emergente recoleta centro cultural buenos aires buenosairestreetart.comOz and Ice with their new mural that they finished last night called ‘Emergency City’

The mural is entitled ‘Ciudad Emergencia’ (Emergency City) and features many of the incidents, disasters and problems that Buenos Aires has experienced over the last few months.

futbol para todos argentina cristia kirchner

TV Nation with slum dwellers consuming government propaganda while watchin ‘Futbol Para Todos’

CCTV camaras buenos aires argentina arte urbano recoleta

Big Brother is watching you

Section showing slum dwellers consuming football ‘Futbol Para Todos’. Free football coverage was introduced on state tv by president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to appease the masses while including 15 minutes of state propaganda was broadcast at half-time.
centro cultural recoleta ciudad emergente buenos aires

Disaster City – floods in April and the Castelar train disaster on June 13

street artists buenos aires argentina centro cultural recoleta ice oz

Ice and Oz

quom argentina pueblo tribu buenos aires argentina

The Quom people

El Quom, the indigenous people from the north of Argentina who have had their lands stolen and whose pleas were ignored this week by President Cristina Fernandéz de Kirchner

policia buenos aires bonarense police argentina

‘All Cops Are Bastards’ referring to Metropolitan Police brutality at Hospital Borda


buenos aires graffiti centro cultural recoleta argentina arte urbano ciudad emergente

Dollar o’clock – time to make more money


ciudad emergente festival de jovenes hip hop murales recoleta centro cultural

Crowds at Ciudad Emergente at Centro Cultural Recoleta

All photos © Adri Godis and Buenos Aires Street Art

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