Buenos Aires graffiti by Cabe, Dame, Heis, Nerf, Resu and Tekaz

Stunning graffiti collaboration featuring works by Heis, Dame, Nerf, Tekaz, Cabe and Resu finished in Martínez, Buenos Aires, on Wednesday. The huge wall next to the coastal road by the Rio de la Plata is around 30 metres long.

heis buenos aires street art buenosairsestreetart.comEye catching – Heis finishing his piece on Wednesday

The six artists painted most of their pieces last month and Heis added the finishing touches two days ago.

city tour buenos aires graffiti nerf street art buenosairesstreetart.comNerf

graffiti buenos aires buenosairesstreetart.comDame

graffiti buenos airesOcean colour scene by Heis

martinez buenos airesTekaz



Buenos Aires graffiti TourTekaz, Dame, Nerf and Heis


street art buenos airesTekaz

robot street art buenos airesRobot Wars

graffiti buenos aires street art buenosairesstreetart.comHeis

arte callejero buenos aires nerf buenosairesstreetart.comNerf

IMG_43193-D letters

graffiti festival buenos aires buenosairesstreetart.comResu, Cabe, Tekaz and Dame

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