Artists paint murals at Borda mental hospital

Artists were painting new murals in the grounds of Hospital Borda in Barracas yesterday just a few metres away from the scene where violent clashes took place between the Metropolitan Police and protesters on Friday.

La Wife

Le Brujx

Hospital Borda in Barracas at Dr. Ramón Carillo 375

The trouble started early on Friday morning when city government workers started demolishing the hospital’s carpentry and furniture workshop as part of a plan to build a new civic centre on the premises.

Original mural by Pelado depicting a hospital patient. The artwork was destroyed when the workshop was knocked down. (photo

In ruins – volunteers help remove debris from the remains of the carpentry workshop

The Metropolitan Police was trying to prevent protesters including hospital staff and militants from the Asociación Trabajadores del Estado (ATE) from entering the workshop so the outbuilding could be demolished. Some 30 people were injured including a couple of journalists as police used batons and fired rubber bullets at the protesters.

Bicycles also formed part of the event with people encouraged to arrive on two wheels


Paste ups and stencils

Zoe Paz Ortega and Viento Alegre

Ezequiel Robledo

Mental hospital

The famous mental institution has featured in a number of films including the Argentine movie Hombre Mirando al Sudeste that was later made into the Hollywood film K-Pax starring Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges.


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