Martin Ron new mural ‘Frog going the wrong way’

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Martin Ron completed his first fantastic mural of 2013 in Buenos Aires on Tuesday named “Frog going the wrong way” (“Sapo a contramano”) .  Martin told Buenos Aires Street Art about his brilliant new artwork. in Caseros.

martin ron murales buenos aires buenosairesstreetart.comNew mural by Martin Ron – Going nowhere fast

“The artwork is on an old wall that I wanted to paint a long time ago,” revealed Martin. “It has has the characteristic that it is the only wall on the block. It’s small but it is on an avenue that has a lot of traffic  at the times that people go to and from work. On top of that there is a railway crossing nearby that makes the traffic even slower. It’s also following the line of a couple of two of my other murals El Mago and El Carramato Superstar where both interact with their context.”

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Martin explained the different elements in his mural. “The artwork depicts a mutant being pulled by a frog. It is a hand that moves forward slowly in the same direction as the traffic, at a slow pace (the stereotypical office worker who is always dressed in a suit and in a hurry to get to work)  on wheels and in the end the frog is the only one who is dignified and keeps his head.”

Rush hour

Martin added: “The idea was to combine some fun elements in an ironic way or personify them in the form of a mutant  depicting what happens along that avenue or in our daily lives – a lot of people are in a hurry, coming and going, in a bad mood, they are chaotic and out of control trying to follow orders.”

martin ron arte urbano buenos aires buenosairesstreetart.comFrog going in the other direction

Martin explained the title he chose for the mural. “Sapo a contramano’ (‘Frog going the other way’) is literal. We do what we do, we have a conscience that questions everything. This little frog is asserting itself, it wants to go in another direction when things start to change and become chaotic and mechanical.”

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