Street artists paint wonderwall in La Plata, Buenos Aires

Street artists finished painting an incredible wall in La Plata last night that features scenes from stories by the well-known Argentine writer and poet Maria Elena Walsh. The monster wall is 85 metres long x 5 metres high. It took the artists three days to complete and surrounds a local children’s activity centre in the Los Hornos neighbourhood.

graffiti tour buenos aires la plata street art giant wall murales buenosairestreetart.comUrban art in La Plata

buenos aires street art la plata ice acra sato buenosairesstreetart.comHerd of hearing

The wall features a fantastic piece by Ice, Acra and Sato with their very own depiction of Walsh’s famous character The Studious Cow (‘la vaca estudiosa’).

buenos aires street art ice sato acra la plata buenosairestreetart.comMasterpiece by Sato, Acra and Ice

luxor arte urbano la plata buenos aires buenosairesstreetart.comLuxor Magenta

cuore buenos aires street art la plata BA Street Art murales buenosairesstreetart.comFlying fish and underwater birds by Cuore

Another part of the part features a collaboration between Inka and Cuore entititled Upside down world (‘El reves del mundo’)

la plata street art tour buenos aires cuore inka buenosairestreetart.comTopsy turvy – Inka painting

luxor street art buenos aires la plata buenos aires street art buenosairestreetart.comCons Kamikaze, Man, Luxor and Rubin

maria elena walsh retrato buenos aires la plata santiago elefante buenos aires street art buenosairestreetart.comPortrait of Walsh by Ka Jum and Santiago Elefante painting

murales la plata street art buenos aires buenosairestreetart.comMa Pe at work and artwork by Nelson Sosa

la plata arte urbano buenos aires BA Street Art buenosairestreetart.comAilen Lanzamidad

buenos aires graffiti tour arte urbano la plata

Many thanks to Luxor and Acra for organising this great project and thanks to the centre for providing the delicious food. Check out more photos of the wall in our Facebook page.

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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