Blu’s bbq: new mural by Blu in Buenos Aires

Blu is in Buenos Aires and has just finished painting another politically charged mural. It features six figures being roasted on a grill by the flames from a huge pile of burning bank notes. Argentines love to have barbecues (asados) and it looks like Blu has chosen a similar theme for his latest critique.

blu buenos aires graffiti argentina barbecue parrilla

Blu: firestarter

blu graffiti tour argentina © BA Street Art 1

Human parrilla (grill)

blu street art tour buenos aires graffiti bologna murales arte urbano bbq barbecue parrilla corrupción

Six men none the richer

blu argentina graffiti tour incendio corruption argentina economy money billetes pesos quemados

Up in flames

Dozens of the bank notes have the number 100 in both the top left and bottom right hand corners similar to the markings on an Argentine one hundred pesos bill.

blu graffiti tour buenos aires argentina arte urbano bologna blu mural © BA Street Art

Time to burn: 100 pesos notes

Buenos Aires Street Art published exclusive photos of the first mural by Blu in Buenos Aires  on his current visit to Argentina a few weeks ago.

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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