Teo Doro paints Van Gogh mural in Valparaiso

Chilean street artist Teo Doro has completed a stunning new mural in Valparaíso. Buenos Aires Street Art caught up with him this week while he was finishing painting the artwork.

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The design features extracts from three famous paintings by Vincent Van Gogh,The Sunflowers, Cypresses, and Starry Night.

teo doroGirasoles with aerosols

Teo Doro explained how the project came about. “First of all I was looking for a wall to paint and the wall drew me to it,” he said. “The result was that the owner of the wall runs a hostel called Hostal Girasoles, hence the idea arose to paint Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.”

Van Gogh in his own painting

The artwork by Teo Doro also includes a portrait of the artist himself with his bandaged ear. “My idea was to paint Van Gogh inside his own painting,” explains Teo Doro. “And it fascinates me to think about Van Gogh painting inside his own world, and think about how he sees the world, his reality, how he captures the tones, colours and makes the brush strokes in his paintings. There are so many things that make Van Gogh such a great artist.”

Teo Doro painting the Starry Night

Teo Doro first learnt to paint on canvas before he started to paint in the street regularly in 2004. “I began painting with oils and then later I learnt to use aerosol spray but the technique is a lot different than with paint brushes,” says Teo Doro. “When you are painting with aerosol you are always looking for a clean line and it’s a lot more difficult than painting with a brush, it’s more stop-start and irregular.”

Vida ingravita – Teo Doro, Nao and Degra in Cerro Alegre

Another recently finished mural by Teo Doro in Cerro Alegre

Check out more artworks by Teo Doro Vidaingravita at flickr.com/photos/srpuyui/

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