Mao, the kids and the Virgin: new mural by Ever

Ever has completed a fantastic new mural in Palermo featuring Mao Tse Tsung, a Chinese girl and boy, and an image of the Virgin Mary. Ever began working on his design almost a month ago and finally finished it this weekend in between working on other projects. However the mural has already caused quite a stir.

Mao and the children of the revolution

Ever explained what his latest design was about: “In the mural, Mao is talking to the youth in China about the idea of communism but the kids aren’t too interested and are looking the other way and thinking about something else, the Virgin (Mary). I found an image on the internet that I liked and wanted to paint. It was of the Virgin of Guadalupe but I had no idea the Church of Our Lady of of Guadalupe was around the corner!”
He added: “Later on a priest from the church passed by. He’s a nice guy but was asking why I had painted the image of the Virgin and why there was a triangle covering her face.”

Virgin controversy

“For me I wanted to create something mysterious and for me the triangle adds a sense of mystery to the artwork,” says Ever. “It also has references to Egyptian culture (with the pyramids), and it was always my idea to put it over the Virgin’s face. In a way the Virgin is also giving the children energy. However, people always make their own conclusions and take away their own meanings when they look at my my artworks but I didn’t think it would cause so much fuss. I had about five arguments with people who were looking at the mural and asking ‘why have I painted it like that?’ One old fella was really angry and told me: ‘You can’t put the Virgin with a dictator!”

The Chairman in Palermo

Despite some adverse comments, Ever said he’s really happy with his the finished design which he reckons is the biggest ever mural he’s painted in Buenos Aires. “You can’t please everyone and that’s what art is about,” says Ever. “I really like everything that has happened and for me it’s the best wall I’ve done.”
The design along Julian Alvarez street is also the second portrait of Mao that Ever has painted in the street. He made his first one in Villa Crespo earlier this year.

Mao in Villa Crespo

Ever was also kind enough to let us help him out with a spot of painting so many thanks to him for the ‘buena onda’ and taking this photo. Next time we’ll leave it to the professionals!

Matt lending a hand

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