Los Batmanes del Mercosur street art in Buenos Aires

This is a stencil depicting the Batmen of the Mercosur in Coghlan, Buenos Aires. The design refers to the classic Argentine TV comedy sketch about a meeting of the Batmen from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

batmanes del mercosur buenos aires street art buenosairesstreetart.comBatmen of the Mercosur countries (photo © BA Street Art)

This clip below (in Spanish) shows the Argentine Batman making a toast to Perón. “Viva Perón!”, he shouts, while the Uruguayan Batman is drinking maté and clutching his thermos. The Paraguayan Batman then complains about the weather and they all slag off U.S. Superman calling him a ‘gringo de mierda’. The Perónist Batman starts banging his drum and leads his Latin American colleagues on a march against imperialism, while the Brazilian Batman dances the samba like he’s at a carnival.

                                             Video of the classic comedy sketch

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