Villa Urquiza

In August 2013, BA Street Art organised and curated one of the biggest murals in Buenos Aires that measures 412m2 in the neighbourhood of Villa Urquiza. The mega mural entitled ‘Tale of the Parrots’, was created over 16 days by Argentine muralist Martin Ron together with Jiant and Guiviro. Scroll down for more information and photos.

One of the most iconic murals in Buenos Aires painted by Martin Ron and organised by BA Street Art

paredes buenos aires

Wall before painting starts

murales buenos aires martin ron mural created by BA Street Art

First outlines

Buenos Aires City Government also helped sponsor the mural project.

Painting a parrot

The artists are joined by tourists on a BA Street Art Tour

Details on hand and skateboard

Eye catching

Martin Ron finishing signing the mural with credit to BA Street Art and C.G.P.C No 12

Leonardo Caruso, Daniel Chain (Minister for Public Works), Martin Ron, Gabriel Dotta, Matt Fox-Tucker (director of BA Street Art), Jiant and Guiviro

The artwork has become a huge tourist attraction with visitors from around the world coming to admire the mega mural.

The idea for the mural was that of BA Street Art founder Matt Fox-Tucker to select an artist to create a spectacular mural that would transform the zone where he lives into a true urban art district and one of the best places to see street art in the city. The mural has also appeared in international press such as BBC, Al Jazeera, Brasil TV, CCTV China, The Telegraph, Clarín and La Nación newspapers.

Photos © Miguel Babjaczuk & Matt Fox-Tucker for BA Street Art