In August 2016, Buenos Aires Street Art travelled to Baltimore, Maryland to organise a series of murals around the city for Argentine street artist Alfredo Segatori.

Mural of a prehistoric man organised by Section1 Project and Buenos Aires Street Art

Together with Section1 Project, Buenos Aires Street Art organised a huge mural painted by Alfredo Segatori and Pablo Machioli on the wall of a former tyre factory near the Jones Falls Expressway in Baltimore.

Early stages of the mural project

The artwork features a portrait of a prehistoric man relating to the gallery show ‘Roots/Raices’ curated by Buenos Aires Street Art, Section1 Project and Gallery 788.

Progress on the mural with the artists adding more detail

Finished mural

Another project included two new murals of homeless people at the historic Hollywood Diner in on East Saratoga Street.

Mural of homeless man called Jim at The Hollywood Diner

Hollywood Diner in Baltimore

Image from the movie poster Diner (1982)

The Hollywood Diner became famous after being featured in the classic 1982 movie Diner directed by Barry Levinson. The movie starred Mickey Rourke, Kevin Bacon and Ellen Barkin.

Alfredo Segatori finishing second mural of a homeless man called Joe

The second mural at the diner featured another homeless man named Joe who attends the local soup kitchen.

BA Street Art also organised a project for Alfredo Segatori to paint a classic U.S. school bus. The vehicle is owned by Stacey Chambers whose and has been turned into a vintage clothing store from which she runs her business called Gogo’s.

Alfredo Segatori starts work on painting the school bus

Stacey’s bus get a new look

Segatori signing his name after finishing the artwork

The artwork also features a lion

Alfredo Segatori and Stacey Chambers owner of Gogo’s vintage clothing store

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

The gallery show, mural project and interviews with Buenos Aires Street Art founder Matt Fox-Tucker and Alfredo Segatori also featured in The Baltimore Sun.