In 2015, Buenos Aires Street Art teamed up with Hin Bus Depot to arrange for Argentine street artist Martin Ron to travel to Malaysia to paint two murals in Penang.

Giant mural with flying turtles (photo: with permission from Teo Gregas/Death to False Dudes)

The first mural was a giant artwork in Butterworth, Raja Uda relating to turtle conservation. The mural measures 25m x 10m.

Progress on the mural (Photo: Matt Fox-Tucker/BA Street Art)

The mural was the largest in the province of Penang.

The mural relates to turtle conservation (Photo: Matt Fox-Tucker/BA Street Art)

Penang is home to the largest turtle sanctuary in Malaysia located on Pantai Kerachut (Kerachut Beach) in Penang National Park and help protect and preserve the dwindling populations of turtles in Malaysian waters.

Details of the children (Photo: Matt Fox-Tucker/BA Street Art)

Matt Gorrick (Photo: Matt Fox-Tucker/BA Street Art)

The main character in the mural is Australian Matt Gorrick, a friend of the artist, who helped paint the mural.

Local kids (Photo: Matt Fox-Tucker/BA Street Art)

Finished mural (photo: with permission from Teo Gregas/Death to False Dudes)

Buenos Aires Street Art with Hin Bus Depot also helped organise a mural collaboration between Martin Ron and Lithuanian street artist Ernest Zacharevic in George Town, Penang.

Artists begin to add colour after painting the outlines of the mural (Photo: Matt Fox-Tucker/BA Street Art)

Mural of a girl riding on a turtle (Photo: Matt Fox-Tucker/BA Street Art)

The mural features a local girl riding on a turtle. Both Ernest and Martin like to include local people in their murals.

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