Coghlan Art District

Since 2012, Buenos Aires Street Art has funded and curated more than 60 murals by international and local street artists in Coghlan and neighbouring areas.

coghlan distrito arte urbano buenos aires street art

This project was the idea of Buenos Aires Street Art founder Matt Fox-Tucker, who lives in Coghlan. Since 2012, our organisation has been working closely with street artists, property owners and local businesses to create a true urban art district.

These murals are not there by accident nor are they a city government initiative but have been funded from money Buenos Aires Street Art has received from the street art tours we run.

Buenos Aires Street Art has also provided a residence for artists visiting from abroad as well as covering fees, cost of materials and expenses to paint these murals.

Some of the international street artists who have painted murals organised by Buenos Aires Street Art in Coghlan Art District include Fintan Magee, Alice Pasquini, Paul Mericle, Kiptoe, Discreet, Malegria, NN, Nomada, Quack Zean, Hech Uno, Ren, Rikis and Kes.

International street artists

Local street artists

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art