In August 2016, BA Street Art travelled to Baltimore, Maryland to organise a gallery show called Roots/Raices featuring paintings by 10 Argentine street artists and 15 local street artists.

Artworks by El Marian, Maxi Bagnasco, Super Wax, Nazza Stencil and Lee Nowell-Wilson

The show was held at the former tyre factory in the Woodberry district of Baltimore and curated by Matt Fox-Tucker of BA Street Art, Alex French of Gallery 788 and Richard Best of Section1 Project.

Artworks by Luxor, Ice, Luxor, Alfredo Segatori and El Marian

Argentine street artists who created artworks for the show were Alfredo  Segatori, El Marian, Ice, Juan Zeballos, Luxor, Maxi Bagnasco, Nazza Stencil, Patxi Mazzoni Alonso, and Primo (Nicolás Germani and Sasha Reisin).


Baltimore based street artists were Gaia, Paul Mericle, Ernest Shaw,  Pablo Machioli, Billy Mode, Che Love, Lee Nowell-Wilson, Richard Best, Maz Paz, Super Wax, Michael Owen, Toven, Reed, Greg Deal and HKS 1818 and a presentation by renowned street art photographer Martha Cooper.

Pablo Machioli and Luxor

‘Inca Dissolution’ by Juan Zeballos

The theme of the show explores social and racial issues. A number of Argentine artists painted themes relating to indigenous tribes of Argentina and Latin America.

Painting by Maxi Bagnasco

Painting by Ice relating to Guarani tribe

Artists and curators at opening of Roots/Raices show

Curators Richard Best (Section1 Project), Alex French and Eduardo Rodriguez (Gallery 788) and Matt Fox-Tucker (BA Street Art) at the opening of Roots/Raices show.

All photos Matt Fox-Tucker/BA Street Art