Juice Cows and Argentina’s Farmers Strike
Mural by Anchu and Mondo Lila was painted not long after the famous farming crisis and the row between Cristina
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Verdura es crimen: the revenge
La revancha: Vegetable is crime We think the author of this graffiti is a little fed up with vegans telling
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Paco: Sleeping with the enemy
Paco is the cheap killer drug that is wrecking the lives of thousands of youngsters with an estimated 180,000 users
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graffiti tour mey lynk nerf street artist buenos aries interview
Cartoon characters and stencil graffiti in Buenos Aires
The Simpsons, Beavis and Butthead, Futurama, The Smurfs, Crazy Legs Crane, Woody from Toy Story, Super Mario and Alf are
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