El Marian & Pol Corona mural in Parque Chas

El Marian and Pol Corona teamed up to paint a colourful mural together in Parque Chas, Buenos Aires. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

Mural by El Marian & Pol Corona (photo © BA Street Art)

The mural features different elements such as a woman with a bunch of flowers, a policeman with riot shield and a gas mask painted by El Marian. And there’s a sun above a landscape with mountains and a river and a night’s sky painted by Pol Corona.

Different elements in the mural in Parque Chas (photo © BA Street Art)

Woman with flowers, policeman with riot shield, a sun, a night’s sky & landscape & gas mask (photo © BA Street Art)

Policeman with riot shield (photo © BA Street Art)

You can check out the mural on the corner of Llerena & Combatientes de las Malvinas in Parque Chas.

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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