Irene Lasivita paints magical mural in San Martin

Argentine street artist Irene Lasivita has painted a magical mural in San Martín, Buenos Aires. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

New mural by Irene Lasivita in Buenos Aires (photo © BA Street Art)

Irene Lasivita is an artist who features elements of fantasy and magic in her murals with animals, nature, woodlands, trees, plants and portraits. This mural was sponsored by San Martin local government as part of a mural project called San Martin Pinta Bien

Colours & nature (photo © BA Street Art)

This section of the mural features a woman sitting on a tree branch in touch with nature.

Mural was sponsored by San Martin Pinta Bien (photo © BA Street Art)

San Martin is predominantly a working class neighbourhood and the local council has sponsored many murals in the district in the last few years.

Different corner – house  gets new look (photo © BA Street Art)

Transformation (photo © BA Street Art)

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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