Gauchito Gil new trash sculpture by Alfredo Segatori

Argentine artist Alfredo Segatori has created a new trash sculpture of Argentine folk hero Gauchito Gil in Buenos Aires. Photos by BA Street Art.

Gauchito Gil trash sculpture made of scrap metal (photo © BA Street Art)

The artwork is made of scrap metal, old car parts, bric-a-brac refuse sacks and tarpaulin.

Cult figure (photo © BA Street Art)

Antonio Gil is a 19th cult figure who is revered in Argentina. After deserting the army, Gil – a Robin Hood-like figure who stole from the rich to give to the poor – became a wanted man. He survived an ambush after being shot many times by the police with an amulet preventing a bullet from killing him.

Good luck charm (photo © BA Street Art)

After Gil was eventually captured by police and hung from a tree before his throat was slit. Many Argentines regard Gil as a good luck charm and protector and helps them avoid road traffic accidents.

The artwork was created with the help of El Ceibo (photo © BA Street Art)

In the last few years, Segatori and his team have created a series of striking trash sculptures around the city of Buenos Aires including a Chinaman, a buddha and different fun characters.

All photos © BA Street Art

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