Fab Ciraolo creates Mother Teresa paste up in Colegiales

Fab Ciraolo has been in Buenos Aires and created this new paste up of Mother Teresa with a cellphone.

New artwork by Fab Ciraolo

The Chilean artist is well known for his humorous works mixing popular icons with modern culture. This new paste up can be found at the Mercado de Pulgas in Colegiales.

Mother Teresa of Call-cutta

Recently, Fab also put this cool paste up of Ricardo Fort dressed as Willy Wonka. He’s named the artwork ‘El Comandante’ and it’s a fitting tribute to the Argentine millionaire and TV personality who died on 25th November 2013 following a heart attack.

Ricardo Fort as Willy Wonka

Johnny Depp played Willy Wonka in the movie ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Tim Burton.

You can check out these artworks at the Mercado de Pulgas in Colegiales. Also a great place to check out antiques, mirrors, furniture, lamps and bric-a-brac.

Photos © BA Street Art

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