Mantra and Fio Silva new mural in Buenos Aires

Mantra was in Buenos Aires last month and teamed up with Argentine street artist Fio Silva to paint this impressive mural in Villa Tesei, Hurlingham.
 graffiti buenos aires arte callejero mantra rea

The new mural features a large portrait by Mantra and details featuring butterflies and plants.

murales buenos aires baires arte urbano fio silva mantra rea

French street artist Mantra specialises in painting realistic portraits while Fio Silva is known for her animals in a distinctive style with bold outlines, flow and colours.

mantra rea street artist muralista fio silva

7 hurlingham street art murales manta rey fio silva graffiti

baires graffiti argentina manta rey

L7m buenos aires street artist buenos aires

Brazilian street artist L7m was also in Buenos Aires a few months ago and created this collaboration with Fio Silva featuring two birds.

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