Plaza de Mayo subte new murals on Linea A

Martin Ron and Triangulo Dorado have completed some spectacular new murals in metro station Plaza de Mayo on Linea A in downtown Buenos Aires.

Plaza de Mayo subte – new mural by Martin Ron

The artists were working on their new designs over the last couple of weeks and finished them in time for the reopening of Linea A last night. The line and stations had been closed for two months while repairs and refurbishment were being carried out. Plaza de Mayo subte station with its Art Deco features has also been repainted.

 Going underground – Subte Linea A was reopened last night

Details of murals by Martin Ron

Murals by Triangulo Dorado

In the picture

New modern carriages (above) have now replaced the old wooden ones on Linea A

Buenos Aires Street Art and Graffiti – BA Street Art