Interventions at ex ESMA in Buenos Aires

Escuela de Mecánica de la Armada buenos aires nazza stencil

Artists have made a number of new interventions at the ESMA (La Escuela de Mecánica de la Armada) in Buenos Aires. During the last military dictatorship in Argentina, The Navy Petty-Officers School of Mechanics in the neighbourhood of Nuñez was used as a clandestine detention, torture and extermination centre.

Escuela de Mecánica de la Armada buenos aires nazza stencil buenosairesstreetart.comEx ESMA in Buenos Aires – design by Nazza Stencil

While the military junta were in charge of Argentina from 1976 to 1983 an estimated 30,000 people referred to as ‘los disparecidos’ or ‘the Disappeared’ were kidnapped by the police and army with an estimated 5,000 ‘dissidents’ held prisoner at the ex ESMA. The site is now a memorial space and a number of artists including Nazza Stencil have painted artworks there.

ESMA buenos aires nazza stencil buenosairesstreetart.comCrime and Punishment (Juicio y Castigo) – boy holding an image of one of ‘the Disappeared’

The buildings of ESMA have also been pasted with a number of images of young people who disappeared during the dictatorship.

Fernando Rubén Brodsky ESMA buenos aires buenosairesstreetart.comFernando Rubén Brodsky, 23, Secondary school student. Disappeared. Seen for last time in ESMA.

ESMA buenos aires Ricardo Carpintero Lobo disparecidos buenosaairesstreetart.comRicardo Carpintero Lobo, 18, Secondary school student. Disappeared. Seen for the last time in ESMA

ESMA dictatorship buenos aires morazul street art buenosairesstreetart.comMorazul painting

ESMA buenos aires dictadura memoria derechos humanos argentinaImages of a number of ‘the Disappeared’ on buildings in ESMA

Mauricio Weinstein ESMA  buenos aires dictadura buenosairesstreetart.comMauricio Weinstein, 18, secondary school student. Disappeared.

Escuela de Mecánica de la Armada ESMA buenos aires buenosairesstreetart.comAlejandro Luis Estigarria, 19, secondary school student. Disappeared.

María Gabriela Leguizamón ESMA dictadura buenos aires street art buenosairesstreetart.comMaría Gabriela Leguizamón, 16, secondary school student. Disappeared.

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