Graffiti vandals paint underwear on bronze statue in Palermo

statue rodin graffiti buenos aires

A cast of the famous sculpture by Auguste Rodin ‘The Thinker’ located in Plaza del Congreso in Buenos Aires hit the headlines last year after being vandalized. And it seems that no work of art or statue is safe from the spray can in the Argentine capital. Another bronze statue was daubed in graffiti recently in the square outside Ministro Carranza metro station in Palermo, as BA Street Art’s exclusive photos show.

statue rodin graffiti buenos aires buenosairesstreetart.comNo shame – vandalized statue outside Ministro Carranza subte in Buenos Aires

The offender or offenders defaced the statue adding a pair of red coloured knickers and inserting a leaf in the hole where his penis has broken off.

statue vandalized buenos aires palermo graffiti tour buenosairesstreetart.comTransvestite statue

A yellow bra or bikini top was also painted on the figure’s chest with white splodges covering his head.

vandalism statue rodin argentina buenos aires graffiti tour‘Knickerboca’

The statue has since been cleaned and returned to its former glory.

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