Blu round up of his best new murals on his latest trip to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires graffiti tour - blu

Blu has painted some stunning murals during his latest trip to Argentina confirming why to many he’s the best in the business. You can tell Buenos Aires Street Art are huge fans of the Italian maestro bringing you exclusive photos of all of his fantastic new artworks. Here’s a round-up of the best Buenos Aires street art by Blu over the last couple of months.

blu graffiti tour argentina photo © BA Street Art

Patriot games

The first mural by Blu in Buenos Aires painted in November 2011 shows thousands of figures with their eyes covered by a blindfold in the colours of the Argentine flag. In the background stands a dark character hovering over the crowd wearing a presidential sash. Blu says you can change the colour of the flag relative to the country you are in. More photos here

blu argentina flag mural street art tour buenos aires

Blu ribbon event

Blu’s second politically charged mural shows six figures being roasted on a parrilla (grill) by the flames from a huge pile of burning Argentine 100 pesos notes. More photos here

blu graffiti tour buenos aires graffiti © BA Street Art

Argentine parrilla

The third mural by Blu in Buenos Aires is entitled ‘Rio de la Plata’ and depicts a river of money flowing out of an enormous city made up of offices and high-rise buildings before engulfing the rural environment and tiny houses below. More photos of the Rio de la Plata mural by Blu here.

Blu mural buenos aires river of money rio de la plata © BA Street Art

Overflow of money: destroying small communities

The fourth and last huge artwork by Blu in Buenos Aires features a disintegrating planet with millions of jigsaw people being flung into orbit. More photos here

blu mural buenos aires graffiti tour street art planet people BA Street Art

The Blu Planet

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art.

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