Street artists paint wall of fantasy in Villa Ballester

Street artists Steep (Colombia), Seta Fuerte (Colombia), Luis Auz, David Alban, Katty Zu (all Ecuador) together with Corona and Roma,got together to paint a huge wall in Villa Ballester yesterday. Exclusive photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

steep street artist mural buenos aires argentina meeting of styles

International street artists in Villa Ballester last night

seta fuerte artist colombia street art meeting of styles buenos aires argentina

Underwater art – Seta Fuerte

graffiti murales steep colombia buenos aires argentina

A touch of fantasy – Steep

stencil art buenos aires street art argentina graffiti murales

Stencil wizard – Luis Auz

buenos aires wall street art mural argentina muralismo

Coming together

Seta Fuerte and artworks by Roma and Corona

buenos aires graffiti tour meeting of styles argentina

Looking up

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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