Artists paint myths and legends in Parque Patricios

Alfredo Segatori, Diego Cirulli, Emy Mariani, Lean Frizzera, Martin Ron and Nieves Fraga each completed brilliant new artworks in Parque Patricios last night depicting ancient myths and legends.

Painting in Parque Patricios (photo © BA Street Art)

The interventions have all been painted on ventilation ducts that serve the new linea H subte station Parque Patricios that is due to open next week. The project was organised by La Usina Cultural.

Duct tales (photo © BA Street Art)

The six artists have all painted figures from Argentina mythology and folklore: Ekeko (god of plenty from the Andes), La Telesita (an orphan girl from Santiago del Estero), El Ngenechén (a god of storms from the Tehuelche tribe), Pachamama (goddess of mother earth), Coquena (protector of llamas) and Jasy Jatere (a goblin from the Guarani tribe).

Martin and Ekeko (photo © BA Street Art)
Nieves and La Telesita (photo © BA Street Art)
Emy and Ngenechén  (photo © BA Street Art)
Lean and Pachamama (photo © BA Street Art)
Alfredo and Coquena (photo © BA Street Art)
Diego and Jasy Jatere (photo © BA Street Art)

You can see more photos of the interventions on our Facebook page.

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