Charlie Chaplin street art

Charlie Chaplin stencil buenos aires

It was Charlie Chaplin’s birthday this weekend. The legendary funny man and genius was born on 16th April 1889 and went on to become one of the world’s most famous actors. He was synonymous with the silent film era and for his masterful miming and slapstick comedy.

buenos aires graffiti tour stencil charlie chaplin buenosairesstreetart.comCheeky Chap in Constitución

Chaplin was married four times and fathered 12 children. His last child Christopher was born when the British actor was aged 73. Dirty dog!! Chaplin is popular all over the world and in Buenos Aires too.

buenos aires graffiti tour charlie chaplin stencil © buenosairesstreetart.comChaplin and Jackie Coogan in The Kid. Stencil in Saavedra.

Charlie Chaplin stencil graffiti tour street art buenos aires buenosairesstreetart.comThe same design in Agronomia

Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator stencil buenos aires graffiti tour

Chaplin in the Great Dictator in Boedo

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